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Frequently asked questions


Is it possible to print my ticket on the festival ground?

No, we cannot print the ticket on the festival ground. Any person having forgotten or lost their entry ticket will be denied access to the festival for this reason.


Is it possible to get out and back in the festival on the same day?

Yes, but one must keep with them the pass and bracelet which will be given to them upon their first entry to the festival.


Is there a discounted price for children?

The entry is free to all children aged up to twelve years old.


I ran into a hold-up and can’t make it to the festival, can I get a refund?

As stated in the General Terms of Sale, the tickets for the Handpan World Music Festival are neither exchangeable nor refundable.


Can I give my pass bracelet to a third person? Is the bracelet transferable?

No, this bracelet comes with your nominative entry ticket and can’t be given to someone else


Do we have to book a spot for tents, camping car and vans?

No, no such booking is available. All it takes you is to settle where there’s space upon your arrival. First come, first serve!


Is the camping ground charged?

The camping ground is available at no extra charge to anyone holding at least a 2-day pass to the festival from July 11th to July 15th.


Is the camping ground close to the festival?

The camping ground is located within the festival’s dedicated area.


Can I come with my camping car/van to the festival’s camping site?

Yes, a dedicated space reserved to these vehicles only is located nearby the camping ground.


Can I come with a caravan/trailer?

Yes, a particular spot is reserved to these as well. However, the towing vehicle will have to be parked with other regular vehicles at the parking spot nearby.


What happens in case it rains?

The Handpan world Music Festival’s performances will all be held outdoors. If a concert or show cannot take place because of unfavorable weather condition, the cancellation will be made public as soon as possible on the website and official social network pages. As the weather sometimes can change quickly, the final call (in agreement with the artist and their production) is only made moments before the due time of the show or concert.


What is the minimum age to come to the Handpan World Music Festival?

There is no minimum age to attend the festival, however no proper welcoming facilities for young children will be available. The festival organization board advise against bringing infants and young children to the festival. The sound volume of certain performances might be harmful to their sensitive ears. If you come with your children, we advise you to have them use hearing protection device such as a noise-reduction headphone or  earplugs (distributed free of charge on the festival).


What are the opening hours of the festival ground?

It’s an open site. There are no opening hours. Some of the food stalls will be opened early morning for breakfast.


What are the ticket counter’s opening hours?

The ticket counter at the festival is opened from 9am to 11pm every day from July 11th to July 15th. Access to the festival will be denied to you if you arrive after 11pm.


When will the concerts take place?

Concerts will be held between 6pm to 2am the next day.


How about food at the festival?

Food stalls and food trucks offering a wide range of diversified culinary specialties will be present on the site. They will be open all day long and they will close about 30 minutes before the festival ends every day.


Will there be vegetarian, kosher or gluten-free food available?

Numerous food stalls will be present and they will offer a variety of food for all tastes (organic, locally sourced, vegetarian,…)


Where can I park my motorbike?

A motorbike parking will be available on site.


Where can I park my car?

A free parking lot, open day and night, will be open to the festival-goers.


Where can I park my bicycle?

There will be a bicycle parking available as well.


Can I take pictures without any particular authorization?

It is indeed possible to take pictures as long as no professional gear is in use, in which case a special accreditation will have to be asked for.


I am a journalist, can I get an accreditation?

You have to ask for an accreditation via email at the following address:


What if pictures and/or videos of me are taken during the event?

The festival’s board informs you that the event will be recorded and filmed. If you take part in the festival, you expressively acknowledge that your image will be usable by the organizers of the festival,  for the production of promotional videos and contents of any kind, in any format and with no restriction of time or places.


I am disabled and need special care, who can I talk to?

Disabled persons are welcomed and assisted by the “Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées”. It allows disabled persons in need of assistance to come to the festival with their caretaker, without purchasing an extra ticket. To benefit from an adapted welcome (PMR parking, access to elevated platforms, assistance, etc), follow this link for contacts:


Does the festival have an access for disabled persons?

Yes, special facilities and access will be provided (physical reception, assistance, toilet and dedicated resting areas)


Will a wifi hotspot be available on site?

No, there won’t be wifi hotspots on the festival.


How can I pay at the Handpan World Music Festival?

At the festival, you can pay in two different ways, namely credit cards and cash. Bank checks, restaurant ticket and holiday checks are not accepted.


Where can I find lost property back?

An information stand with a lost and found section is located inside the festival. At the end of the festival, a dedicated page on the internet website will display a list of all lost items found on the festival and camping ground.


Is it allowed to hand over flyers promoting other events on the festival?

No. No flyer distribution or sticking posters are allowed. We are lucky to be able to use this unique setting for the festival and it makes sense to respect the place.


Can people smoke on the site?

Smoking is tolerated exclusively in the dedicated areas. It is strictly forbidden to smoke or to light a fire in the woods, forests and plantations.

Reminder about the law: People responsible, even unwillingly, of a fire are systematically wanted and prosecuted against by the police. People responsible of a fire because of a reckless behavior can be sanctioned with a fine up to 3750 euros and a potential incarceration up to 6 months.

These sanctions can be made worse if there are important damage caused to third parties.

Failure to turn oneself over to the police in case of responsibility in a fire in such circumstances is a heavily sanctioned offense.


Can I purchase cigarettes on the festival ground?

Following the décret n°2004-68 du 16 janvier 2004 and the l’arrêté du 16 janvier 2004, the festival is not authorized to sell cigarettes within its ground.


Can I drop personal items at baggage lockers at the festival?

No, for security reasons the baggage lockers service is no longer provided at the festival. This is why we advise the festival-goers to come “light” at the festival.


Can I charge my phone on the site?

Mobile charging facilities will be at the festival-goers’ disposal on the festival ground.


Can I withdraw money on the festival site?

No, the closest ATM is located at 1 Bis Place Baptiste Milhau, 34140 Mèze.


Can I find showers at the festival ?

You will find showers available on the festival ground. They consist in solar showers. Please make sure you have a swimsuit with you. Also make sure the hygiene products you use are respectful of the environment.


Can I find restrooms on the festival site?

You will find many toilets on the site, including adapted restrooms for disabled people.


What are the forbidden items and animals on the festival site?

For everyone’s comfort:

It is forbidden to introduce on the festival site: alcohol and containers such as gourds, camelbag, unopened bottles (plastic or glass), etc

Empty plastic bottles are tolerated, water distribution points will be at the festival-goers’ disposal on the site.

Sunshades and laser pointers are also forbidden.

For the safety of everyone, no dangerous item (weapons, knives, fire-juggling items and in a general manner any item susceptible to be dangerous to the public) are allowed on the site.

Only dogs are allowed (no other pets) provided they are on a leash everywhere on the festival site and at all times,  and their master have a vaccination certification note for them.

French law reminded: It is forbidden to sell and consume illicit substances. The law applies on the festival as well.


Has the festival got a first-aid center or an infirmary?

First-aid teams will be present over the whole duration of the Handpan World Music Festival.


Quels sont les objets et animaux interdits sur le site du festival ? 

Pour le confort de tous : - l’introduction d’alcool, et autres contenants : gourdes, camelbag, bouteilles pleines etc., les bouteilles en plastique vides sont tolérées, des points d’eau sont à la disposition des festivaliers. - les parasols, - les pointeurs lasers- Pour la sécurité de chacun :- Aucun objet dangereux (objet tranchant ou contondant, armes, articles de pyrotechnie et d’une manière générale tout objet susceptible de présenter un danger pour le public).- Les animaux autres que les chiens sont interdits sur le festival, les chiens doivent être tenus en laisse durant toute la durée ainsi que sur l’ensemble du site du festival. Rappel de la législation française : - La législation française prohibe tout commerce, consommation, et possession de substances illicites. 


Le festival dispose-t-il d’une infirmerie ou d’un centre de premiers secours ? 

Des équipes de secours sont présents pendant toute la durée du Handpan World Music Festival. 

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