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The Handpan Festival

From June 26th to June 28th, the Handpan Festival invites you to discover the Handpan and the new World Music stage.

Halfway between drumming and harmonies, the instrument reveals its whole diversity during the festival: from World Music exotic vibes, to electronic rhythms during our nightly events, through some quiet and chilled atmosphere, ideal to nurture yourself with meditation.

The Handpan Festival, it’s 3 days of partying, sharing, concerts every night, a great Holi Powder, masterclass sessions, spontaneous jam sessions, music workshops and relaxation. It’s also a day market with instruments stalls, arts & crafts and alternative healing.

In 2020, the Handpan Festival 7th Edition will again be taking place in Mèze, at the “Domaine de Farlet”, a very welcoming place surrounded by nature and organic olive groves.

Our Roots

It’s thanks to the internet that one day, somehow by chance, Cédric Pla discovers a musical instrument not very well known back then, the Handpan. From there, a true passion began!

Through the people he met along the way, and his ever-growing passion, he came to an idea with his friend Aurélien (Koan): To create a festival and bring together Handpan lovers and Handpan players. The essence of it being:

“Just for fun”.

From there, the first edition of the Handpan Festival took place in 2014 in Sauvian, south of France, reuniting around 900 people.

Ever since this first edition, a family was born around the man with a straw hat!

Jimmy and Noémie joined the adventure for the 2nd edition, during which the Handpan Festival opened its doors to circus arts, a mix of juggling, dancing and fire breathing, interacting with an increasing crowd of Handpan players, in the same spirit of sharing.

From the 3rd edition to 6rd edition, in 2016, the Festival is joined by the 7 Chakras Universe, previously created by Nathalie. Combining the two allows the visitors, artists, volunteers and artisans to experience a very special moment throughout the week-end, a world of smile, sharing and well-being. A great success! That year, the Festival welcomed around 2400 visitors.

To embody its values, be as close as possible to nature, and host a growing number of visitors, the Handpan Festival moves for its’ 4th Edition to the “Domaine de Farlet” in Mèze, south of France, a place surrounded by nature and organic olive groves.

Everything had to be done, starting from scratch! This daring challenge was met with great success, and allowed hosting up to 6600 visitors.

Since 6th edition, we expanded the staff team with members of the Handpan family, met along the several editions: A now essential help to ensure that the event runs properly and smoothly.

The story continues…

If just like us, you’re dreaming to take part to this legend, come and join us from the 26th to 28th of June 2020!

“Just for fun!”






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