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Our Partners


“Hello, I am Horizonde, Didgeridoo maker. Involved every year since the very first edition, to me, this event is so much more than a simple festival.

It’s an incredible adventure every year, each edition offering novelty, meeting new people, discovering new things… For all these reasons, I am glad to be one of the festival’s long-time partners. I hope to keep contributing to its diversity, richness, and add a little touch of colour to this festival with my didgeridoos.

I’ll be the happiest to meet with you for the next edition, “Just for fun”!”



“Shellopan is a manufacturers cooperative of “Handpan-like” sound sculptures. It’s also the name we gave to our Handpans. The Shellopan collective is very happy to take part to the community’s evolution, with passionate people crossing continents several times each year, gathering for various events organised by other passionate people. In each country, we meet people launching new projects, new Handpan makers entering the family, musicians making us dreaming as they push the instrument’s boundaries… We’ll be very pleased to meet you under the Shellopan tent, to introduce you to our work!”


Angel handpan

“After this already long path with the Handpan since 1989, the adventure keeps going today with the artisanal making of the ANGEL Handpans… We are honoured to be one the makers and partners of this Festival in Mèze, a beautiful and inescapable rendezvous, flooding the week-end with magical good vibes around our precious steel instruments… So yes, I’ll be there this year, with a few creations to be presented in this heavenly place… Big Up!” Phil



Franck, musician and world music passionate, discovers the Handpan almost at its very beginnings. Fascinated by the instrument, it’s all naturally that he got interested by its making in 2014. The road ahead was long and full of obstacles: sometimes discouraging, sometimes euphoric, but always exciting. Baopan was born. Present since the Handpan Festival 1st Edition, it just made sense for Baopan to become a partner of this inescapable event. It’s for them a pleasure to offer every year an instrument, to allow someone to win one of these sound sculptures and thus, to join the great worldwide family of Handpan players.


Master The Handpan


Master The Handpan has become today the biggest online Handpan school. Created in 2016 by David Charrier, it now counts over 2500 students around the world. Internationally renowned, David has developed a unique, fun and effective learning method, allowing as many people as possible to play the instrument. On stage or online, David continues to spread with a contagious enthusiasm his passion for the Handpan.



Koan was involved in the Handpan Festival creation, and of course, keeps supporting the event.

Source of musical journeys, we put all our love, our energy and our know-how when working the steel, in order to create the tone that will connect Humans to the instrument. Since 2013, Koan crafts the steel to make Handpans. Our will is to offer the best quality possible with these instruments, which requires a lot of time, research and development. The musical scale and ambiance can be very different depending on our mood, our preference… Steel is our guide.



I’m Florent Recouvreux, I make Endro® Handpans since 2013. I developed my own manufacturing process, from the shell making to the treatment I give to the sheet steel. I’m very happy to participate again to the Handpan Festival, it’s a beautiful place to share and exchange around the Handpan. For the occasion, I will officially and for the first time present my new generation of Handpan, the Endro V. For those who would like to know more about our manufacturing process, feel free to have a look at our website page “Our Vision”.

Myst Instruments


I discovered the Handpan 10 years ago, and was just like you, captivated by its vibrations… I remember feeling that it would change my life – I didn’t know how much back then – even if I discovered it on a video clip. The Handpan Festival was the first big open door on this universe: these friendships, these incredible encounters and moments I will never forget. Through time, all this came to represent a hand stretched out towards myself, coming back to my roots: touching the material and the metal like my parents used to, and fight every day for my passions, music and photography. So let’s meet there, for these few days out of time, in the heart of this great family!

Metal Sounds

Metal Sounds company is the very first French Handpan maker (since 2008 : Toulouse, Montpellier, Monteux). This year, we will be presenting our new stainless steel Handpan (Spacedrum®), our steel tongue drums range (Zenko®), but also a surprise: a brand new steel handpan. Since 2014, the 2nd Handpan Festival edition, we have been enthusiastic partners, just because it always felt obvious and right to support this beautiful artistic and human event. Thanks to you, the Handpan Family grows bigger every year! Come and visit us on our stand, we’ll be happy to welcome you!




Autodidact musician and passionate about drums, I discovered the Hang a short time after its creation, and lived with the frustration of not being able to play it with my own hands for a while. The acquisition of a first Handpan in 2014 is the trigger of a big change, the instrument rapidly becomes a sweet obsession… That will only strengthen when I’ll decide to build one, and then will want nothing but that…

The Handpan Festival has been a part of my adventure almost since the beginning, because of the ideas, the interactions and the people. It has been a constant support, and I’m honoured to be a partner today.

I invite you to discover our instruments on-site, and meanwhile, to have a look at our website.

Esapan Sound Sculpture

Why Esapan?

Initiated by two people, Esapan is a merge of their first names.

Our instruments are the result of an intensive research and development since 2013.

They are made by hand, and each one is unique.

We want to give a soul to each piece we’re making, and always work with the greatest passion.

Com'il se doit

Our communications agency is based in Tours. Specialized in web and print, they offer a broad range of services, suiting perfectly your requirements.

In a trust-based relationship, they ensure the sustainability of your communication.


Happy to join this year again this wonderful gathering of handpan enthousiasts, artists and manufacturers.
I will meet you at my stand to present you my new instruments.
In the meantime, you can take a look (or rather a listening) at my sound sculptures following the links below.
See you soon, Mark.




Namana bag


Manufacture of bags for musical instruments ©Namana Bags



The adventure started one day in April 2016 in Genova.

I was talking to a close friend, Riccardo Megiovanni, musician and sound engineer, we shared the love  for handpans.

We were concerning about the costs one had to deal with for some at least adequate equipment, in order to have a good sound amplification of these instruments.

So we decided, almost joking, to try to make a microphone for handspans.

Ricky had some experience and intuition and he started studying and making some experiments.

Nadabrahma is a sanskrit word and it refers to the concept of the original sound of the Universe, the creator sound, which perfectly aligned with our ideas. It was suggested by a dear friend, Hernand Suarez. During a conversation we had  in India making Chapati, we talked about the name I wanted to give to this project and after many suggestions he got the point.

While I was in India  the team acquired a  new member: Michele Guelfi, hi fi engineer.

For months we worked on this project in Ricky’s house. We didn’t have the resources to rent a place and the necessary equipment for woodworking, metalworking and so on. We literally worked in wood powder surrounded by magnets!

The first official test was in April, 2017, when two friends, both handpan makers, gave our system a try. The results were promising.

Few months later we went to the Handpan Festival, in France. It was our public debut and it was a crazy success,the people support gave us the opportunity to work better and believe in this project even more.

During the summer of 2017, festivals season, we met and talked to all the people that tried the Nadabrahma systems and collect reviews, feedbacks, advice and this gave us the tools to go back to our products and make them better.

In a short time we had to deal with the increasing request, which was a surprise and we had to learn how to manage customers and bureaucracy.

We were developing new ideas, while we were conducting our lives, already full of responsibilities.

In 2018, with a lot of enthusiasm, Lorenzo Circhirillo, handpan maker and graphic designer, joined the band.

We realized that cooperation is the key to make it possible.

This is our philosophy: we want to give our customers an easy-to-use, high quality product, always connected to our users, in order to constantly develop  new ideas and improvements.

We warmly thank all the people that, trusting in us and buying our products, gave us the chance to start something new, that will get better and bigger, starting with this new website, which is our prize to all the hard work we have done till this moment



Meridian handpans

Basé à Bristol, Royaume-Uni. Meridian Handpans fabrique des instruments fabriqués à la main depuis 2015

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