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*special offer for the first 300 tickets

Musical Programming

This year, we’re preparing for you a powerful and incredible musical journey! Discover and rediscover great Handpan artists, but also newcomers on the stage, all committed for you to spend an unforgettable week-end. Come and plunge into the world of the Handpan music with:






Mastumoto zoku

Tom Vaylo



Holy powder

Jeremy Nattagh & Kelu

Steve Shehan

3 Keyq


Wagall & Mezerg





Dan Mulqueen 




Photo  Kani Kanawati


Hypersensitive, meticulous, ingenious could be as many words to define Steve Shehan.


His lyricism and his rigorous workmanship reveal a bold style that has revolutionized the art of percussion and world music.


As a globetrotter eager for encounters, Steve Shehan has hit the road at a very young age to feed his soul and to confront cultures, a theme that can be felt in most of his albums; from his first opus "Impressions de voyages", up to V.I.S, the hand-stitched triptych he published in November 2018.


It is a great honor for us to receive this amazing artist! Come and enjoy!




Our Frenchy duo made of incredible handpan (and many more instruments) players: Laurent

Sureau & Jeremy Nattagh.

This duo holds a special place in our hearts, as for the little story, they met during the
Handpan Festival’s second edition, over a jam improvised on stage, back to back. A magical
moment between two musicians. Out of this alchemy was born Twinpan, a colourful duo, rich
of its diversity. Okay, we tell no more, and leave you to the pleasure of discovering their

universe very soon!

kelu et jeremy.png


Two artists of multiple talents, including the one of making us dance! What a pleasure to
have them with us... Jeremy Nattagh, along with his handpans, his electro set and Mr Kelu

and his didgeridoo’s firepower. What else?

This is a promise for an explosive Holi Powder party, full of energy and colours. Be ready…!



An artist full of sensitivity and many other qualities, among which the one to share his

incredibly positive energy with anyone listening to his music.

With his heteroclite universe, combining handpan, didgeridoo, guitar and voice, EOLYA is

aptly named from an “Occitan” word standing for God of Wind.

A universal mix full of joy and good vibes, to see and hear again and again. Guilhem we love




The artist who won our springboard last year, and greeted us with an amazing festival
opening. We are so happy to welcome him on stage this year, as an opportunity to discover

his full didgeridoo and handpan set!


didgital .jpg



Merging by essence and by temper, Didgital is a musical project founded by the trio Baptiste
Vallet, Rodolphe Diara and Kéké Muin, based on their 13 years of complicity among the
band Djemdi (over 300 shows). Didgital has the didgeridoo for center of gravity. Ritually
used by the first men in Australia for ceremonials, Didgital play the instrument in a much
more profane way, even though emotions felt while listening might have a certain sense of


Didgital relates to a shared will for music without boundaries, without restrictions of style, for

music simply guided by inspiration, in the moment.


Kéké Muin: Didgeridoo, keyboards, samples
Rodolphe Diara: Drum kit, balafon, drums
Baptiste Vallet: Didgeridoo, bass




Malte and Alex met by accident in 2014, in a festival in the north of Germany. And just like
that, Yatao was born. This handpan duo with international success transports you like only a
few can, in an atmosphere of deep and intense relaxation. Yatao warmly invites you to join

the crowd for a musical journey of many emotions…

tom vaylo.jpg


Board onto a colourful musical journey around the world and until the borders of your mind.
A moment of relaxation, of wonder and contemplation. Let yourself be transported by the
aerial sound of the handpan, be calmed by the deep bass of electronic music, be intrigued
by the fusion of acoustic instruments, electronic elements and sounds of nature. During the
time of a concert, forget about your daily life, for a unique and heady moment. Musician
since its younger age (flute, saxophone, guitar, handpan, drums, world instruments…), Tom
Vaylo discovers electronic music and gets passionate about the fusion of these two worlds.
Adding his handpans and varied instruments to his electronic compositions, inspired by his
travels, he shares with the public a fabulous emotion. Come and listen to him on stage with

his guests (trumpet, dance, guitar, voice…) and his contact ball!





In 2019, Saadji barges in with a new formula! Greg, the talented didgeridoo player, flies
away towards new horizons and passes on to Zalem, to perpetuate the transmission of tribal

vibes on stage!

Mixing ethnic and electronic, aerial and atypical sounds, the compositions of Saadji’s set

invite you to an eclectic and melodious journey.


waagal & mezerg.png




It’s the meeting of two “one-man-bands”, stem from a collaboration on a video clip “Music for
2 One Man Bands”. This duo advocates for a “true live” show: on the edge of techno and
world music, improvisation leads the dance, fed by the energy delivered by the public.




Matsumoto Zoku is a duo of alternative and organic music, formed in 2013 in Melbourne.
They merge vocal urban rhythms to the soft sounds of handpan and didgeridoo, thus

creating an uplifting and vibrating sound.

Their intuitive and unique music is inspired by their many travels around the world, creating
an original groove. Their music crosses many styles, like hip-hop, rock, triphop, dance, psy,
Dn’b, chill out and meditative. Their music finds harmony where the city and nature meet.

Capture d’écran 2019-02-05 à


Neenboo is composed by 7 musicians.Worn by Arab-Andalusian sounds, Neenboo oscillates between influences from Africa and Latin America, to form a cosmic music.

their instruments:
Handpan, Violin, Oud, Bass, Machines, Synthesizers, Muscle, Battery, Guitar, Trombone, Percussion...

Every concert is a trip
where the public is invited by the costumed characters, to become a member
Neenboo is as much a sensory experience as a musical spectacle.

laure Schappler.png


You will see very few artists like Laure Schappler. Violinist, she can so easily move from jazz
to pop music, through rock if she wants to, that she developed a rare expertise and a unique
musicality. We had the chance to meet with her during the previous edition of the Festival, a
moment out of time, a snapshot of grace and voluptuousness, unforgettable. All we can say

is that she’s preparing an exclusive surprise for the festival this year!



3Keys is the explosive alliance of three musicians: Kim, a beat box champion, Kelu, a beast
of didgeridoo, and Klaim, a godfather of hang. Hold tight, this is powerful! Groove
everywhere, frantic and strong rhythms, your chest might as well come loose. They have

only one goal: Make everyone dance!



An ocean keeps them apart, but one instrument brought them togother! Dan Mulqueen &
David Charrier are two music lovers, particularly in love with the handpan. It’s in Colorado
that Dan & Dav make friends. Their few jam sessions confirm a rare alchemy that they
decide to explore by merging their playing styles, their sensitivity and their sharp sense of
composition. This French-American handpan duo strongly returns this year: 200 kilos, 2
beards and 6 handpans will be back on stage for a beautiful, both delicate and powerful,

melodico-rhythmic show.

dan mulqueen




Multi-instrumentalist talented artist from New Jersey, USA, Dan is passionate about drums

since his early childhood.

He falls under the spell of the Handpan in 2017.

His wide inspirations vary from hip-hop, reggae and rock to trip hop, blues, Latin music and
also electronic music. This led him to develop his very own and distinctive playing style.
We are pleased to welcome him on the Handpan Festival stage for an electro-handpan set.

Jeremy nattagh & kelu
Tom Vaylo
Mezerg & Waagal
Matsumoto Zoku
3 Keys
Laure Schappler
Dan mulqueen
Steve shehan
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