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Carlos Rodrigues aka Kabeção is a Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, composer, street busker and sound healer who creates his own unique approach to music and sound.

He has redefined the musical possibilities of the handpan with his unique, poetic and percussive style; by playing multiple instruments simultaneously, he creates beautiful, mesmerizing, and intense music. His warm hearted humility allows everyone to come home to a deep place of peace and well being.


Kabeção started very young with percussion and rhythm, and then added other types of instruments, from strings to woodwinds, and his focus comes from the simple exploration of sound. He is self-taught and has combined influences from different parts of the world, Africa, India, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, France, Australia. He shines forth with unique playing techniques on each of his instruments, including drums, darbuka, udu, tabla, djembe, frame drum, cajon, berimbau, bansuri, sansula, tibetan bowls, gongs, didgeridoo, guitar, Hang / Handpan.

HandPan Player / Drummer, Multi-instrumentalist / Musician from Portugal, exploring sounds and creation of music