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Street Art



Biographie de l'artiste Florent Beauduin alias TWOZ'N :


Skater, graffiti artist, Florent Beauduin aka TWOZ’N (meaning “all tranquilly”) starts graffiti in 2006, painting in skate parks where he goes for skating, under bridges or in wastelands, out of sight, where he experiments on various surfaces. He then develops a quite primitive and colourful style, playing with strong contrasts. In 2015, after many years strolling here and there around France, meeting fellow artists, he settles in Montpellier and earns his place in Aiguillerie Street, where he paints and recycles second hand stuff. Then, he starts with is flatmates the “Nomad Expo”, where artists of all background and age are invited to paint, to show their work, to exchange and to share their knowledge, in a big house near Astruc borough. This initiative has been renewed every spring since then. In the same time, Florent gives “skate & graffiti” courses to teenagers in day camps. TWOZ’N is now looking towards degrowth, aware of the ecological urgency, and has been committing – in his own way – to an artistic sustainable development.


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Lien vers les projets de l'artiste :


Have you ever heard Eshwar’s story? This prince who left his kingdom on a quest for truth, for Holy music and for himself? Storyteller, musician, pilgrim, he gathers chants, wisdom stories and koan, with the ardent wish to listen to the Silent Song…

One night, during a vigil, running out of inspiration or maybe actually inspired, he told his tale while dawn was breaking… Little by little, he saw himself becoming the very main character of his story, and there came the question: if I’m no different from my creations, can I say that I still exist? Here I am, a story-maker, a storyteller, and a character. So in the end, who am I?

Tales, songs and music for all public, for whoever wishes to know oneself better.

La Cartonnerie

La Cartonnerie (translate to “the cardboard manufacture”) is a young improvisation theatre group, created in Lyon in September 2017.

Conceived as an improv laboratory, our troupe creates various concepts of shows, adapted to many places and publics.

On stage, 6 comedians share the space with a cardboard boxes scenography, ephemeral and modular. The music is played (and improvised too) by Mathieu Duret, using drums and a handpan, creating a unique atmosphere to our stories.

Get out of the beaten tracks and reshape theatre with innovative, rhythmic and impactful improvisation is the goal of our kaleidoscopic shows.

On a percussive soundtrack, the “cartonists” vary the tempo, the environment and styles to embark the spectator and cast him off his daily-life mooring lines.



Aïz will be on site this year for the first time,

Enter a parallel world with video projection and theatrical ambulation. Thanks to an audio headset, the viewer will be immersed in the experience. An electronic arm will enable to mix live music and merge science fiction, portry and electro-acoustic all together :

"Aïz would come from the future to unleash the microchip we have in our mind..."


Let yourself be guided toward new experiences.

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