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The 7 Chakras Universe

The 7 Chakras Universe is a love story. A story of sharing and transmitting, by co-creating together, and regroup our talents.

Our potentials are infinite, and bringing them to light is a wonderful adventure of the Heart!

From there, the idea of the 7 Chakras Universe seemed evident, felt like a luminous impulse, and combined very naturally with the Handpan Festival created by Cédric.

Love – and its corollary, Joy – is for me a vital and universal energy, which nurtures our souls and takes shape (or should take shape) in all of our intentions and actions. It’s an indispensable energy for the Living.

The Love I’m talking about is this force, present in every living being, that pushes it towards Life, to grow or to blossom - depending on its nature, rather than towards Death - self-destruction, self-flagellation. A force that pushes us to embody ourselves even more, to enlarge our consciousness…

This incarnated Love-Energy allows us to get closer to each other, to feel united (feeling less lonely, not to be mixed with being alone). Be as One. Remind our Original nature. Which makes me think about this sentence, that people genuinely in love often use: “I feel like I’m back home” or “I feel like I reached the harbour”. When I merge with this Love-Energy, thanks to meditation and deep breath, I indeed have this intense homely feeling. I feel complete.

Our world suffers from a lack of love, we all suffer from it, and it’s about time we reinstate this value! By self-love and by respecting Life teeming inside of us. Because the world would be a better place if only we thought and acted through the prism of this energy: Love.

This festival naturally came out of this energy.

The 7 Chakras Universe is a gathering of alternative practitioners and therapists, all passionate, excelling in their arts and creativity. Their aim: Transmission and well-being, in a total respect of each individual and their belief.

You will find various stands of alternative healing techniques, such as Thai massage, Ayurveda massage, energetic healing, reiki, lithotherapy, crystal and Tibetan bowls sound baths, shamanic healing… as well as a dedicated space for children.

Collective workshops will be offered, meditations, spontaneous singing circles, yoga, shamanic journeys, drums circles, gong baths etc…

Music and sound are made of vibrations, and artists, musicians and singers sometimes share with us the collective workshops. Some of them created in the moment, with the energy of the group.

Coming soon: A presentation of each participant.

In joy to meet with you again, and share, for this 6th Edition, the happiness of co-creating all together!