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Interior garden in a well-being alternative village

Under the sun, in the middle of olive trees and cicadas, every person can find a gentle place combining rest and relaxation.


Carefully designed for you, the interior garden offers love, happiness, sharing and transmission of knowledge and perception. It’s the soul of the Handpan festival.


In the interior garden, you are invited to re-focus on your body, your senses, and focus on your creative energies, your peace of mind.


Human spirituality is put at the center of this amazing environment. All the alternative practitioners you will meet are professional and passionate. They would like to share their art and creativity with a kind and loving regard for each person as a unique individual.


In the handpan festival, you can find different types of massage : thaï, ayurvedic, swedish, lithotherapy, sound massage between the sound scales, massages with the healing tones of quartz crystal bowls and sacred gongs…


In the handpan festival, conferences and collective workshop will be implemented : meditation, songs circles, yoga, drum circles, and for both young and old alike can enjoy massages.


In a spirit of love and sharing, musicians, singers and artists will organize gatherings around sounds and music or just create special moments, exploration activities depending on each camper’s wishes.


Looking forward to seeing you there to share this incredible and spiritual adventure, the seventh edition based on happiness to co-create!



Andréa, the Handpan Festival Team

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