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The Campground

Where and how to sleep?



He festival’s campground is free for any person holding a 2-days or 3-days pass.

Campervans, motorhomes and caravans:


On a sunny patch of land, there will be an area dedicated to people staying in their vehicles, at a very short walking distance of the festival.




Among a gorgeous olive grove, you’ll be able to pitch your tent under the shade of olive trees. For everyone’s safety, vehicles cannot be allowed in this area.  




In order to access the campsite, you’ll have to hold a pass for minimum 2 days.




From Friday June 26th 2020, at 5pm, to Monday June 29th 2020 at 12am.

Open for arrivals from 5 to 11pm on Friday evening, and 9am to 11pm on Saturday and Sunday.


Campground’s Rules of procedure: 

- No fire, no barbecue

- Glass is forbidden on-site 

- Recycling and waste sorting: recycling bins dedicated to plastic, paper and general waste will be spread all over the site

- Do not through away you cigarette butts anywhere else than in the intended ashtrays, spread all over the site

Site Cleanliness

Since the Festival takes place in this organic olive grove for the fourth time, the Handpan Festival is very much committed to recycling waste and raising public awareness about environmental issues:


- Recycling bins are available all over the site 

- We decided to use composting toilets

- We’ve set-up a partnership with our foodtrucks to use consumable products with a low environmental impact (tableware, cutlery etc)

Le domaine de Farlet 

It’s among 300 hectares of organic culture that the Domaine de Farlet opens its doors to the Handpan Festival and its’ visitors, to this beautiful setting that we’ve enjoyed for three years now, for everyone’s pleasure, in a highly preserved area.

Showers and Toilets

Designed by and for the Festival, the shower area will allow you to freshen up after a great night or at the end of a warm day. Please note that using organic and biodegradable products is mandatory, in order to leave the nature behind us free of any chemicals.


Also, for the 3rd year now, the festival will be working with the company “Ecolette” to manage the composting toilets, so that the area remains clean at all times.

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