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Volunteer at the Handpan Festival

This year, a team of approximately 120 volunteers will be set up to help with a smooth and proper running of the event.

Volunteering consists in taking part to any of the logistics aspects of the festival, for 6 hours a day (3 hours shifts), during all its duration – except for the “Assembling/ Disassembling” and “Technical Stage” teams.


As a volunteer on the Handpan Festival, you will get:

  • A pass for the festival,

  • 3 meals for each day you’re volunteering and drinks tickets,

  • A camping pitch in the Artists & Volunteers area,

  • A t-shirt,

  • A glass of the Handpan Festival (eco’cup) .



For the Assembling/Disassembling Team, you’ll need to be available:

  • During the assembling phase, from Monday June 22th at 14pm, to Thursday June 25th, end of day.

  • During the disassembling phase, from Monday June 29th at 9am, to Tuesday June 30th, end of day.

For any other Team, you’ll need to be available:

  • From Thursday June 25th at 2pm, to Monday June 29th at 3am.

When to come?

For the Assembling/Disassembling Team, we will welcome volunteers:

  • On Monday June 22th, from 9am and 1pm

For any other Team, we will welcome volunteers:

  • On Thursday June 25th, from 9am and 1pm

Launch Meeting

There will be a launch meeting, to welcome and inform all of you, on Thursday June 25th, at 2pm. All the volunteers need to attend this meeting, during which the organizing team and referents of each volunteer team will be introduced. They will also answer all your questions, and explain what will be your tasks.


General rules

  • Volunteers must be over 18 years old

  • It is mandatory to be on-site the day before the festival, and during the whole 3 days of the festival (except for the assembling/disassembling team)

  • Don’t forget to bring: your camping gear (tent, mattress and sleeping bag), a solar power bank, a towel.



Registration for the 2020 HERE

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